Come and Experience the Thrill of a lifetime with Samui Waterball!

You’ve tried Bungy Jumping, Navigated White Water Rapids, Plunged through the air whilst Sky Diving and Swum at the ocean depths with Scuba – what’s left? Well that all depends if you’ve got Balls! Welcome to Koh Samui’s coolest new extreme adventure, Samui Waterball!

It’s really simple – We take you to the top of our custom built hill and launch area, pop you in to one of our Waterballs, give you a quick push and let gravity do its work! You and your Waterball then take to the hillside and travel at extreme speeds down the 200 yard course toward the safety area at the bottom!

“Would be a Test for NASA Astronauts!”

We’ve got two ways you can ride the hill, and it’s up to you how extreme you want to go! First of all, we have the regular Waterballs – With these, we put you inside the Ball with a Gallon of Water, so that you’re able to slide around the Waterball on your way down the hill – If you’ve ever ridden on a big slide at a Water Park, you’ll have a good idea what you’re in for! Be sure to bring a towel as you’re going to get wet!

Two Ways to Ride!

For those who want the Ultimate Extreme Ride though, we have the ‘Rollerball’! We don’t bother with the Water in the Rollerball, meaning you’re tossed head over heels during your ride down the hill! We’ll strap you in so there isn’t the slightest chance of your rolling around inside, and then give you a push down the hill, just like the Waterball. What happens next can’t really be described, it has to be experienced, although past riders have said it is ‘an experience that would test NASA Astronauts’! We’ve tried to video a ride to show you, but the sheer G-Forces and vibrations make it nearly impossible, so if you want to experience it you’ll have to give it a try yourself!

Everyone is Welcome!

Everyone from ages 7 and over (and under 125KG, in good health/physical condition) is welcome to give our Waterballs a try if they’ve got what it takes, and we can arrange transfers from your hotel if necessary – please call for details or make an Online Booking!

Samui Waterball is located at the beautiful Bophut Hills Golf Course, situated within the lush jungles on the Bophut mountainsides of Koh Samui. The location is well regarded as one of the most beautiful on the island, and the ideal place to come and try Waterballing with friends and family. All patrons of the Waterball are welcome to use our Golf Course Club House for drinks and refreshments, or even use the course if they wish (subject to availability and bookings).